Parent Helpers

Parent helpers are always welcome. In the past many parents have given valuable assistance by:

  • Listening to individual students read
  • Assisting with our music program
  • Helping with sports training
  • Helping in classrooms
  • Changing reading books
  • Canteen work

Many of these opportunities will be available again this year.

In 1997 the Department of Education joined other Australian states to implement the National Strategy in Schools for the Prevention of Paedophilia and Other Forms of Child Abuse. The Confidential Declaration form is designed to help with this strategy.

The Confidential Declaration form is for persons who are not Department of Education employees, but who do require access to a school and who will be with or near the students e.g. Musical troupes, visiting artists, performers, trades-people carrying out repairs, parents and volunteers assisting with students at schools or on excursions (see Excursions Policy) etc. By completing this form, you will help the Department of Education to ensure that Western Australian schools are safe places for our children.

Visiting The School

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time during school hours. If you wish to discuss concerns with the teacher or the Principal please phone to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

For security reasons we ask that all parents first come to the office to coordinate the visit and to collect a visitor’s badge. This allows us to know and easily identify who is on school grounds and ensures safety for all students. (This does not apply at the start and end of day when delivering / picking up students.)