Uniform Policy

School Dress Code

Byford Primary School has an excellent school uniform which can be purchased from the uniform shop. The school uniform consists of a royal blue (block colour), navy sides with white piping and school logo and royal blue shorts or skirt.

Uniform Shop

The P&C Association provides a service of selling new uniforms. Uniform items are available for purchase on Wednesdays between 8.15 - 9.00am from the uniform storeroom.

Students attending Western Australian Government Schools are required to be clean and appropriately dressed for school activities. A dress code for students at Byford Primary School has been developed and is encouraged. (Copies available from the office)


  • Parents and care givers are encouraged to send their students to school in the appropriate uniform. Please note that denim is not acceptable
  • Exemptions or modifications to the school dress code relating to students health or ethnicity must be negotiated with the Principal
  • Students going on a school or class excursions are expected to comply with the School Dress Code for reasons of safety. Students not in appropriate uniform are unable to leave the school
  • Wide brimmed hats are to be worn during sport, recess and lunch times
  • Appropriate footwear is to be worn at all times unless directed by a teacher.

A ‘No Hat No Outside Play’ policy is enforced at Byford Primary School all year.
Parents can assist us by reinforcing the need for protection from the sun by ensuring that students have a wide brim hat. Hats can be purchased through the school uniform shop in the library.

SunSmart Campaign

Physical Education: Students are to wear their faction shirts on days when they have physical education or sport. Students must wear closed in shoes appropriate for running and participating in physical activity.

School Uniforms: All clothing should be clearly labeled with the student’s name.

Hair and Make-up: Hair below the shoulders must be tied up neatly. Make-up is not to be worn at any time.

Non Compliance: A student not complying with the school uniform policy may be restricted to certain areas of school, particularly at recess and lunch breaks. Students who are not in uniform can expect to be questioned by teachers, Deputy Principal or Principal to determine their status while on school grounds.

Students who are not in School uniform may be excluded from:

  • School Photos
  • Formal assembly events ie Presentation, ANZAC Day etc
  • Any event identified by the Principal and/or Deputy
  • All school excursions

Jewellery and Valuable Items:

Students are discouraged from wearing jewellery and valuable items. These items can present a safety risk during sporting activities. Studs and sleepers may be worn if necessary.

Students should also be discouraged from bringing radios, electronic games, mobile phones and other personal belongings to school. Should such items be brought to school they will remain the responsibility of the students.

Items of significant financial or sentimental value should not be brought to school.

Personal Hygiene

We ask for every student’s hair to be clean, tidy and off the face while working and playing.

  • Long hair on either boys or girls needs to be tied up or back
  • Footwear is necessary at all times - fully enclosed lace up footwear is preferred
  • Parents may wish to apply sunscreen before students come to school