Our Classes


Teachers will open classrooms at 8.35am and commence instruction at 8.45am. During this time students are required to prepare their equipment for the day’s activities, organise their lunch order etc.

Class Lists

Byford Primary School currently has 14 classes catering for Kindy to Year 6 students

Byford Primary School
Byford Primary School
Byford Primary School

School Factions

The school is divided into four Factions:

  • Apollo - Blue
  • Zeus - Yellow
  • Mercury - Red
  • Venus - Green

Students are placed in their Factions at the beginning of their first year at Byford Primary School. Students will usually remain in the same Faction throughout their stay in the school. Students from the one family will all be allocated to the same Faction. Faction shirts are available as part of the uniform and can be worn on sports days and at the Faction carnival.

Byford Primary School


The Park Road Kindergarten is a community Kindergarten operated by a community board and the teacher, under the direction of the school. The contact number for Park Road is 9525 1125.

School Library

All classes from Pre-Primary to Year 6 are permitted to borrow books from the Library.

Each class is rostered to visit the library weekly.

  • Years 3 to 6 are allowed to borrow two books for a 2 week loan period
  • Pre-Primary to Year 2 borrow one book, for a period of one week.

When a book is a month overdue, a note will be sent to parents to assist in locating the lost book. Parents will be billed for lost books. Parents need to ensure that students treat library books and other reading items in a careful manner.

Library Bags: All students are required to possess a library bag in which to carry their library books. A student will not be allowed to borrow from the library if they do not bring a bag with them to the library. The bag should be made of material and measure approximately 40cm x 35cm with a draw string or handle.

Parent Section: Books on education are available for borrowing from a special section in the library. Parents are encouraged to use this section and to browse through other resources in our library. The library times vary and the best policy is to check with the office for opening times.

School Banking

School banking will be on at 8.10am in the Senior Block Wet Area every Thursday. We welcome all new faces who would like to start. If you would like more information and have not yet received a form please see the front office.