Fees & Charges

Voluntary Contributions

The contributions are as follows:

  • Kindy to Year 6 - $40

These voluntary contributions are a vital part of the school budget. The voluntary contributions are used to supply computer consumables, Library resources, reading books and sports equipment. The payments will assist us to ensure that the needs of the students are met.

To assist families to meet the cost of schooling the school is able to offer parents/care-givers the opportunity to pay off contribution and charges. Please contact the office should you wish to make alternative arrangements for payment of the Voluntary Contribution.

Byford Primary School
Byford Primary School
Byford Primary School

Money and Payments

When sending money to school please place the correct amount in the envelope provided on with the below details:

  • Student’s Name
  • Purpose for which it is sent
  • Amount
  • Room Number

All cheques should be made payable to Byford Primary School. Money and permission notes are to be handed to the class teacher. If change is required it will be placed back in an envelope and returned to your child/children. Any refunds that need to be issued will be raised as a cheque and mailed to you.

Direct Deposit Details

You can make payments for excursions, voluntary contributions and other charges via direct bank deposit into the Byford Primary School’s bank account. Simply access your internet banking service provider and pay to the below account:

  • Byford Primary School
  • BSB 066-040
  • Account 19902028

Please enter the name of your child and the purpose of the payment in the descripton field. i.e A Smith Zoo Exc.
Please note that this feature is not for payments to the P&C Association.