Enrolment Information

When can my child start school?

The Department of Education and Training has a handy School Age Calculator on it's website (link below):

Enrolment Applications

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8.15am – 3.30pm.
Please note the office may be closed at recess and lunch times.
If you need to see the Registrar it would be appreciated if you could attend the office after 8.45am.

Pupil Requirements

All students are given a list of stationery requirements appropriate to their year level. These items will be available through the school orders at the commencement of each year or purchased at any good stationery shop.

School Dress Code

Byford Primary School has an excellent school uniform which can be purchased from the uniform shop. The school uniform consists of a royal blue polo top (with school logo) and navy blue shorts or skirt.

Uniform Shop

The P&C Association provides a service of selling new uniforms. Uniform items are available for purchase on Wednesdays between 8.30 - 9.00am from the uniform storeroom.

Voluntary Contributions

The contributions are as follows:

  • Kindy to Year 6 - $40

These voluntary contributions are a vital part of the school budget. The voluntary contributions are used to supply computer consumables, Library resources, reading books and sports equipment. The payments will assist us to ensure that the needs of the students are met.

To assist families to meet the cost of schooling the school is able to offer parents/care-givers the opportunity to pay off the Voluntary Contribution (and additional charges). Please contact the office should you wish to make alternative arrangements for payment of the Voluntary Contribution.

Money and Payments

When sending money to school please place the correct amount in the envelope provided on with the below details:

  • Student’s Name
  • Purpose for which it is sent
  • Amount
  • Room Number

All cheques should be made payable to Byford Primary School. Money and permission notes are to be handed to the class teacher. If change is required it will be placed back in an envelope and returned to your child/children. Any refunds that need to be issued will be raised as a cheque and mailed to you.

Direct Deposit Details

You can make payments for excursions, voluntary contributions and other charges via direct bank deposit into the Byford Primary School’s bank account. Simply access your internet banking service provider and pay to the below account:

  • Byford Primary School
  • BSB 066-040
  • Account 19902028

Please enter the name of your child and the purpose of the payment in the descripton field. i.e A Smith Zoo Exc.
Please note that this feature is not for payments to the P&C Association.

Pupil Reports

Reports are issued twice a year at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Work is assessed throughout the school year and the results of regular testing are taken into account when the reports are compiled. Should you wish to discuss the reports or your student’s progress, please contact the school to make an appointment with the class teacher.

School Assemblies

These are held on Wednesdays at 8.45am in weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 of each term. Refer to the School Newsletter for dates and class activities. Normally there is a class item and presentation of certificates. Parents and friends are welcome to attend.

School Banking

School banking will be on at 8.10am in the Library every Thursday. We welcome all new faces who would like to start. If you would like more information and have not yet received a form please see the front office.

Lost Property

The school accumulates large quantities of lost property. Parents should ensure all items of clothing have the students name clearly marked. The lost property can be inspected at any time by parents. Unclaimed property will be disposed of at the end of each term.

Travelling To and From School

If students must walk on roads because of the absence of footpaths please teach them to walk facing the oncoming traffic. Parents who drop off or pick up students are requested to park on Mary Street and drive their vehicles anti-clockwise around the school block.

Kiss ‘n’ Drive set down/pick up points are located in the car park off Mary Street and on the road verge in Clifton Street. In the interest of safety, students should be set down and collected from these points or other road verges.

Student Smartrider Card

For those students who need to travel to school by bus, parents can apply for a Transperth Student Smartrider card which allows students to travel to and from school at a discounted fare of 50c per journey. Cards can be requested online from the Monitor WA SmartRider Portal:

Application forms are available from the school office or can be downloaded from the Transperth WA website:

Once completed they need to be stamped and authorised by the school at the front office and then posted to Monitor WA to receive your card.


In the interest of safety and with the backing of the National Safety Council and the local Police, we ask that students are fully instructed in bicycle riding if they ride to school. Helmets are compulsory. Police recommend that students under the age of 10 do not ride bikes on the road. To ensure safety, students must wheel their bicycle on the school grounds. For security reasons, students are advised to chain and lock their bikes to the racks.


Students engage in physical activity five times a week:

  • 2 X Daily Fitness sessions
  • 2 X Physical Education lesson
  • 1 X Sport session

We expect all students to take part. If there are medical reasons for a student not playing sport for a period of time a medical certificate or a note from a parent is required. This applies also to Daily Fitness and Physical Education. Please ensure your child has appropriate footwear for these lessons.

Swimming Lessons

Department of Education and Training Swimming Lessons are provided to students in Pre Primary to Year 6. Students travel by bus to the pool and we request parents to pay the total bus fare and entry fees before the first lesson.

Once a student commences swimming lessons they are expected to continue as special swimming staff are allocated for the lessons. Students are only excused when a note is forwarded by a parent explaining the circumstances for the request.

As swimming lessons are considered an excursion students are required to be in full school uniform. Those who are not dressed accordingly will not be able to leave the school grounds.

Visiting The School

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time during school hours. If you wish to discuss concerns with the teacher or the Principal please phone to arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

For security reasons we ask that all parents first come to the office to coordinate the visit and to collect a visitor’s badge. This allows us to know and easily identify who is on school grounds and ensures safety for all students. (This does not apply at the start and end of day when delivering / picking up students.)