About Us

Byford Primary School is a school with a long history - the first classrooms being built on this site in 1921, it has grown to accommodate over 300 students and also has a community kindergarten at Park Road Pre School.


The school has an undercover area and a Library Resource Centre, a purpose built Art Room, Music Room and associated facilities and storage areas. The grounds comprise a grassed oval, two bitumen multi purpose paved courts, lawn areas, playground equipment, a modular playground system, monkey bars, swing, slide and two cricket nets.

Byford Primary School
Byford Primary School
Byford Primary School

In 2009 a refurbished Administration block was completed at the school which has provided spacious, modern facilities for school staff and students and has also enabled the school to improve its access to Information and Communication Technology as well as providing an overall improvement in services to the Byford community.

A Brief History

  • In 1921 the first classroom on the current Byford Primary School site was opened
  • In 1933 the second classroom at Byford Primary School was opened
  • In 1975 extensions to Byford Primary School were completed
  • In 1981 Library Resource centre at Byford Primary School was opened
  • In 2009 a refurbished Administration Block was completed
  • In 2010 new facilities including an Art Room, Music Room, Classrooms and Activity Area were provided from the Commonwealth Government’s “Building Education Revolution”
  • In 2014 Byford Primary School was granted Independent Public School status from 2015
  • In 2016 the Undercover Area was enclosed and the fence was completed. 

Our Staff

Principal: Sue Heath

Deputy: Susan Doncon, Dan Way

Manager Corporate Services: Jill Walker

Teaching Staff:

Fiona Blair, Marion Bunce, Shelly Brown, Chris Cairns, Rebecca Cook, Renee Collings, Gen Coombs, Margaret Dawson, Jasmine Gasper, Kevin Gellatly, Tania Hall,  Laura Howman, Lexie Marchetti, Kim Mclean, Tracy O'Malley, Anita Paice, Stephanie Prosser, Marion Ramsey, Katelyn Robinson,  Kirsten Sofield, Dee Marchetti, .

Education Assistants:

Deborah Allan, Lisa Back, Sandra Gardner, Tania Hargreaves, Sue Liddington, Renee Martens, Kate Morris, Wendy Spencer, Sharon Weaven.

Byford Community Kindy:

 Jacqueline McCrea, Carolyn Percival, Noela Marshall, Kirsten Sofield

Library Officer:

Marilyn Innes

School Chaplain:

Joe Grida

School Psychologist:

Alicja Rynkowska

School Officer:

Tracy Spencer, Jo Cairns


Sam MacWilliam


Dianne Ralph, Sally Duckworth, Karen Davey